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Cutting Edge Nutrition Centre
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Tailored solutions to your physical, well-being and nutritional needs here under one roof

Tailored Nutrition

Whatever your nutritional goals, be it a healthier diet, increased energy, reduced fat or something else - we can help you!

Looking the Part

Whether you want a six pack, an hourglass figure, or just want a better image, our fitness, styling and fashion specialists can help you


We can help plan strategy, track progress and guide you all the way to achieving your goals

How Does It Work

It is a two-way thing - and everything revolves about helping you achieve your own physical, styling and well-being personal objectives.


The first part involves listening to you and understanding your goals - and after that it is all about helping you achieve them.


Whatever your aims, our friendly team of specialists has the experience, knowledge and expertise to help you every step of the way.


meet the team

Helping clients wherever you are... We have a global reach and help clients on numerous continents. You are perfectly welcome to visit us in our modern offices facility in the heart of Bucharest. At the same time, we fully appreciate that you may well prefer the convenience of conducting your consultations from the comfort of your own home - and our popular one-to-one Skype and/or videoconferencing sessions allow you to do just that.

The results matter
When passion meets science the results are truly amazing. In the end only one thing matters. The results matter.
  • Alexandru Florea
  • Dana Toader
  • Bogdan Iorga
  • Alexandru Florea

    He is 30 yr, 1.84 m and came to us weighing 107 kg. Together we made changes towards a more active lifestyle and new healthy habits. The results were stunning. After four months he lost 19 kg and lowered his body fat to 16% while maintaining his muscle mass.

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  • Dana Toader

    She is 27 years old, 1.66m and 62 kg. She joined our program for 6 months. Together we implemented changes in the daily routine, new nutritional habits, short and intense training complemented with adequate rest. She achieved her goal and she dropped 7 kg. Now she has a more active lifestyle, weighs 55 kg and yes, she lifts.

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  • Bogdan Iorga

    29 years old, 1.78m and 77 kg. He joined the program with the desire to become athletic. After 8 months he gained an estimated 4 kg of lean body mass with a slight decrease in body fat. Now he weighs 75 kg with 17 % body fat. He continues the program adjusting the parameters himself.

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Making it Happen

It is quick and easy to get started. In the first instance simply contact us using the form below.

The initial consultation free is just 30,- USD and without commitment, and if you would like our help then prices start from just $400,- USD


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Find Us
We are ideally situated on Aviatorilor Blvd, in the heart of Bucharest. If you are coming by Metro we are just two minutes away from 'Aviatorilor' Metro station. We are easy to find, the tenth building on the right. We look forward to welcoming you.
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